Academic presentations are very important as they are the part of your course which is always graded. I am sure that none of you wants you to lose grades because of your presentation  . is not, similarly as a research paper writer you should also be well aware of the important information presented in the research paper.


Presentations are no doubt very important but the most important of them is the PowerPoint presentations where you have to spend some time and effort in crafting the best and most interesting ppt.


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These academic presentations could also be based on the research projects you have done or the research paper you have written as a part of your course. Usually, you are required to give ppt presentations of the research work you have carried out.


An academic presentation is a kind of advertisement that you have to present to show your work and the information presented in the paper. You have to emphasize what is important and what is not in the research paper because you have to include the most important elements in the ppt that are discussed in the paper.


When you inculcate what is important, then highlight the main elements in the slides; it will make the information more visible. Making the significant information bold and highlighting the results make the readers clear about where to focus on. It also makes the ppt more interesting ..


The most important thing in the ppt is the basic design that you have to follow when you make a PowerPoint presentation of a research paper. This format is consistent with the format of the paper.


All the different subsections of the research paper are addressed separately in different slides. The general outline of the ppt slides of a research paper is as follows.


  •         Introduction Introduction
  •         Hypothesis or research question
  •         Theory / literature review
  •         Methodology
  •         Findings and discussions
  •         Conclusion Conclusion


This outline is a general representation of what is included in the ppt, however, you may add other slides of suggestions and recommendations as well.


Different forums help you in making the presentation as well, such as an  essay writing service , which can be helpful in crafting an outstanding presentation.


The length is very important to keep in mind when you craft your ppt. Give the maximum space to the discussion findings and data discussion as the crux of the research depends on this part of the paper. 3-4 slides are normally for the discussion for the rest of the portion of the essay, 1 slide can be enough to present the important information.


One of the easiest ways to get good scores in an academic presentation is to give an outstanding presentation. It depends on how to craft the ppt for the research paper.


Following are some of the tips to create a fantastic presentation


Use PowerPoint sensibly


When you are using PowerPoint, images are very powerful in showing what you wanted to say to the audience. If you have any images related to your research, do include them in the ppt slides. Visuals are very important in retaining memory and in the learning. process. It will help you to make your point more clear and vivid.


The formula of academic presentations


It is usually stated that there is a formula for the academic presentation to make them more fabulous and well developed. This formula is to follow the format of the research paper in the slides as well, as stated earlier.


Focus on presenting the research more


One of the common mistakes done by the presenters is that they spend most of the time giving the background information about their research and give little attention to their actual time. It may be because they do not have an idea where to focus on. Therefore, They spend most of the time explaining the background of the research and ignore the focus. Your audience wants to know about your research, so your main concern in your slides and presentation should be your research.


Practice more


The more you practice your research, the more it will help you in delivering the best presentation. Focusing only on crafting your presentation will not end well. So, practice your presentation more before you are in front of your audience.


The other most important element while you craft your presentation is the visual and art you add to the presentation. The more interesting the presentation of your research paper is, the more it attracts the audience. You can add smart art to your presentation, which is a very good step in making your presentation more powerful.


If I have to  write my essay  or a research paper with which the ppt presentation is also necessary, then I will make sure to include the images, visuals, and smart art in my paper to make it more interesting and appealing to the audience.


Another important thing to keep in mind is that various research contains tables and graphs. Make sure to include them in your presentation as they help in presenting the data and findings of your research and engage your readers. Therefore, the more careful you are with the details of the slides, the more it captivates the audience.


Keep these tips in mind when you craft your presentation, you will end up making a fabulous ppt for your research paper. 



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